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Digital Brand Collateral

moiom® is a Dutch start-up which designs and produces high-end children's toys.The company has made it their mission for children and parents to spend more time together in the same space by crafting beautifully designed objects which allow children to play to their heart's content but can also blend seamlessly with the interior style of their home. Their first product drop is a slide for 2 - 5 year olds which can be personalised with a removable fabric sleeve. 

With the base brand ethos and identity already designed, Rebel were asked to provide creative input on the slide design itself before developing the product website. Included in the brief was the challenge of creating a range of image collateral which could visualise the merging of two worlds: The fun and magical imagination of the child mixed with the every day experiences of an adult. The product is priced at the top end of the market so there was the added complexity of making it feel luxurious but without losing the sense of fun.

With only a single prototype slide available at the start of the project we used a blend of photography, digital renderis and AI visualisation to bring the concept to life. 

At the time of writing the phase 1 website is live and taking pre-orders, with the first slides and fabric sleeves expected to be delivered to customers by summer 2024. Rebel will continue to support moiom in the coming months with product packaging and ongoing image visualisation to support their digital marketing activities.

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